2023-03-29 11:14


Everyone will be tired, no one can bear all the sadness for you, people always have a period of time to learn to grow up on their own.


Exercise, make people unbearable, make people walk hard, but it can make the strong stand up, walk more steadily, produce stronger fighting spirit.


I hope you and I are stars in the long sky of youth, together with pure and clean, together with eternal glory.


Cheerful spirit and peace of mind. Food and drink, cold and warm. When you are in the center of your mind, your work is uniform. Bless you always healthy and happy!


I said you would find a better than me! I know you don't like it! But this is my real blessing.


As long as there is the sunshine of truth, even in the stone gap, the grass will still thrive. And the sunshine of truth cannot be hidden.


A sincere wish brings you boundless hope and happiness in the future.


Grace is the sparkle of spiritual cultivation and the ultimate beauty of the human body - may you keep your present grace so that beauty will last forever on you.


Happiness in solitude, dripping and upright, is the glorious sorrow, with a soul unwilling to face the secular world, but it is simple in the noble.


If you know how to cherish, you will find more and more, if you pursue ignorance, you will find that the loss is faster and faster.


Blessing is a bunch of flowers, blessing is a deep feeling, blessing is a responsibility, in the old greeting, I send you this piece of blessing.


We had to part and say goodbye softly, thanking you for giving me a deep friendship.


I want to say a lot. But such a moment, such a occasion, can leave you, only my silent prayer: treasure, friend!


Happy smiles are the only medicine that keeps your life healthy. They are worth millions, but don't cost a penny.


Cherishing every friendship around you may not last forever, may fade away, may be estranged, but should never be forgotten.


Very painful in this last struggle days, but only physical, a lot of things, slowly do, will be good.


Remember today's laughter, remember this warm friendship, remember my sincere blessings, may the best things in the world always belong to you.


Fortune is a great teacher, but misfortune is even greater. Having ability to indulge thought, lack can train and strengthen thought.


If there is no love, I will meet you again in this life. If I say there is love, how can my heart become empty?


We always envy the beautiful flowers that blossom on the edge of a cliff because we can't reach where they bloom.


There are many helplessness in life, but people can not live helplessly. There is no longer road than foot, no mountain higher than man.


Friendship is a wonderful equation. It must be paid at the same time, and it will be gained at the time of giving.


If the heart is there, the dream is there, there is true love between heaven and earth; see success or failure, bold life, but from the beginning. Friends, come on!


No matter where you are, luck and happiness always accompany you. May beauty and happiness be with you everyday.


Give yesterday's troubles to the wind, let today's moving into a smile, give busy mood a holiday, let ordinary life become happy.


It is hard to find true friends in the world. People do not have grass and trees. Making friends for a long time!


With you all the way, with me and with joy, I will cherish this sincere friendship.


We must be meticulous in our work and tolerate no ambiguity. To be a man, we must be big and muddle headed, small and muddle headed, and do not have to worry about everything.


Brother, thank you for your concern and help to me. I will remember your kindness to me.


How many memories do we have in the maple forest with red leaves flying? The dancing maple leaves brought us into a wonderful state.


Though thousands of mountains and rivers are far away, I can still see your mirror-like heart and feel your tenderness.


Today's classmate broke up, a sentence: cherish! Tomorrow's alumni meet again, he Yisheng: success!


Wen Jun's promotion was a great joy. I send you my best wishes and congratulations. Keep up your efforts and make great progress.


When you are depressed, I will be your pistachio. When you are sad, I will be your worry tree.


Farewell one eye, the moment of separation I said, time is not long, will not be a lifetime, if the heart is in, the situation is in.


The oil of burning incense is used for sundial. All geniuses are the strongest cattle. They work eighteen hours a day.


Treasure this love, such as treasure, gently into this emotional temple, to feel every moment of the wonderful time.


The long road, you and I meet, cherish the past rare fate, silent blessing, relatives greetings, each other take care of this life!


If my wish can dispel your troubles, then let it blow into your heart with the warm spring breeze.


Time slips away one minute at a time, and youth passes away one day at a time. May you cherish this minute at a time, pursue it and explore it.